Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So last week was a busy week of awards ceremonies. 
Banquets to honor academic achievement.
And ultimately graduation day!

As valedictorian Ben led his class in.
 Gave a good speech to a  crowd of nearly 5,000

The proud family!

I love the way Ellie is looking at Ben.  She is going to miss him when she heads to college.

Maddie is going to miss Ben too!
We all are!
I cannot believe Ben has graduated.
He turns 18 at the end of the week.
It seems like just yesterday he was a little boy who loved to read and play games!
Lots of games.
Over and over again!
I loved it! (most of the time)

Ben has a competitive spirit which played a part in his desire to be number one in his class.
He is also thoughtful, kind and works well with others.

We are very proud of Ben and know you will do great at UC Berkley!
As hard as it is to see your oldest graduate and go away to college we are also excited for him to start this new chapter of his life and we are confident he will do well.
Congratulations Ben!  


  1. Congratulations Ben and the whole Mendler family. Glad we got to watch you receive your diploma and hear your awesome speech! We look forward to seeing you conquer college and the world.

  2. congrats, ben. how old was ben when we met? 2nd grade? 3rd? hard to believe how fast it goes. so proud, you must be. i know we are. well done, mendler clan.