Monday, November 8, 2010

Italian Fries - from Mad Hungry

Remember when I posted about Mad Hungry the new tv show spinoff from Martha Stewart?
Have you tried any of the recipes?

I tried her Italian Oven Fries.


The kids loved them!

These take a little time (mainly oven time), but they are easy and worth the wait.

What was the best tip?

She soaks the fries in cold water, then dries them a bit before putting them on the baking sheet. This helps them crisp up well, by extracting the starch.
She also sprinkles italian cheese, coats with olive oil and dabs with butter....mmm!

Of course she has a blog with links to all her recipes check it out here!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Have you heard of a book-azine?

I first heard about Matthew Mead

and his Holiday Book-azine on the

Mary Englebriet blog.

I love Mary Englebriet!

Big Fan!

Wish the Magazine would come back but it looks like that will not happen.

She mentioned this holiday book-azine, and

Mary Englebriet has something featured in it!

It is only sold on-line and I am very tempted to purchase it!

Mary Englebriet also mentioned something else I had never heard of an "e-zine".

Basically it is a magazine on the computer.

Amy Powers has issued an e-zine called Inspired Ideas.
Her blog is called inspire co. and can be found here.

Here is the cover of her fall e-zine. You can look at it page by page here.

The Christmas edition just came out too! You can view it here.
This issue is over 130 pages! It has contributions from other craft bloggers,
and projects for the holidays. The pictures are great! And there
is probably at least one craft idea you will come away with.

A "book-azine" an "e-zine" who knew!