Thursday, February 25, 2010


More rain expected, concrete is delayed until Tuesday!! Bummer!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paint and grading....

These pictures were taken from the back door...too lazy to step out the door this morning!

So there have been some changes since the last post. They put the smooth stucco on the columns, painted the columns (this will eventually be our new house color). We didn't realize it was going to match our fence quite so well. These are different brands of paint, and different colors but that's ok we are color coordinated I guess and you won't notice so much once there are more plants in to cover up the fence.

They also have all the roof tiles picture of that yet.

They have started grating and framing out the concrete. I am not sure why they laid all the plastic down, maybe to protect in from rain which we are expecting a little this afternoon and tonight. Hopefully not too much, if all goes well we will have concrete poured Friday!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ben placed in 6 categories!! I now have the breakdown....a 1st in Science, 2nd place finishes in Economics, Math, and SuperQuiz (essentially History of the French Revolution), and 3rd's in Music and Art History!! Whoo hoo!

Yeah Ben!

Ben competed in the San Diego County Academic Decathalon a couple of weeks ago, last night was the awards ceremony. Ben individually placed in 5 categories, and got 3rd overall behind his two teammates (who are seniors by the way!) Their team got 1st place and will be heading to the state competition in March.....GO OLYMPIAN!! This was a TON of work but I think they are all enjoying their success for his overall 3rd place finish Ben won a computer!!! Whoohoo! Great job Ben!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Ceiling!!

Now it really feels like a room. It definitely made our backrooms a little darker but I think that will be good. We won't have to worry about the sun beating on are hardwood floors and furniture. It gives it a cozy feel. Tomorrow is paint, and I think they may start to tile the roof!!

Beams...and "kid" labor!

Here is what they completed yesterday, the beams for the covered patio!! It looks maybe a little narrow in this photo, but I think it is going to feel plenty big. Today the inspector comes to check the beams, then they will do all the tongue and groove paneling. (I think someone is coming to remove all the debris as well!) We had Madeline and her friend Casey painting the fence this weekend. They are trying to earn some money for summer camp...I told them we have work to be done around here!! They did a good job but only lasted about an hour and a half. That's ok small increments of work is fine, they did a good job that's what is important.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Columns, and retaining wall/bench

Here you can see the columns that will support our covered patio. The wood has been delivered for the structure itself and the guys are here now to get started after a few days off due to rain. More columns, and in the back corner of the yard you can see the retaining wall/bench. The wall will be capped in the same coping as the pool. Fortunatley, there was a little leftover from the pool, so we had to buy about 4 feet, plus some end caps. It would probably look a little better if it was double bullnozed on both sides, but we like the idea of using up the leftovers, and it does save us a few hundred dollars.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One more pic

Thought you could see tile better in this picture!

Pool Update

This weekend Don worked fixing the fence. The side fence is complete, we have one panel to go along the back (not pictured). Once we repaired the fence and repainted the section, we realized we would need to repaint the whole thing, so I started on that project.
Yesterday they began digging the footings for the patio cover, hence the square holes with the re-bar sticking out.Much of the tile was installed yesterday. I like how the muted blue blends with the stone. It is so nice when you see all the elements coming together and you like the way it looks! If you look in the upper corner of the yard you can see where I stopped painting. Believe it or not it is the same color....the leftside shows what 10 years of sun damage can do here in San Diego!