Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paint and grading....

These pictures were taken from the back door...too lazy to step out the door this morning!

So there have been some changes since the last post. They put the smooth stucco on the columns, painted the columns (this will eventually be our new house color). We didn't realize it was going to match our fence quite so well. These are different brands of paint, and different colors but that's ok we are color coordinated I guess and you won't notice so much once there are more plants in to cover up the fence.

They also have all the roof tiles picture of that yet.

They have started grating and framing out the concrete. I am not sure why they laid all the plastic down, maybe to protect in from rain which we are expecting a little this afternoon and tonight. Hopefully not too much, if all goes well we will have concrete poured Friday!!!

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  1. Do you want me to bring an appi or a side dish. I'm ready already. Shoot, throw out some soccer pop up chairs and we are good to go...can only imagine the finished product!

    LOVE IT! Keep them coming.