Monday, August 29, 2011

Lasagna - Pioneer Woman Style

I made the Pioneer Woman's "Best Ever Lasagna"
One word Delicious!!
What makes it unique?
Cottage Cheese instead of Ricotta (my kids like this better not so pungent!)
Breakfast Pork Sausage mixed with Ground Beef...we really liked the sauce.
The actual baking time pretty quick....just enough time to get kitchen cleaned up,
garlic bread and salad prepped!!
Try it you'll like it!!
Also, her new Food TV show debuted this weekend
it was pretty good; fun to see a life on a ranch!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Pioneer Woman Hit!

Day two of trying a new Pioneer Woman Recipe...another keeper.

Here is the photo from her website.
Here is the link to the recipe.

Beef with Snow Peas.

All 3 kids liked it!!

It was very easy! Much faster to make than the barbeque yesterday! Much of this prep could be done ahead and then stir fry right before time to eat.

I ended up letting the meat soak in the marinade/sauce for about 45 minutes to time eating with when the kids would be home from their evening activities.


Right at the end I tossed in some leftover steamed sliced carrots, just to heat thru. It provided an additional veggie....and the color contrast was very appealing.

Flank Steak is not as cheap as it used to be, but still cheaper than dinner out for 4 at a Chinese restaurant...even a cheap Chinese restaurant like Panda Express; and I am sure this is healthier.

Tonight...Leftovers!! :)

Happy Cooking.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Do you get tired of your standard meals?
Do you get stuck in a rut, looking for new ideas?
I know I do.

Next question ....have you heard of the Pioneer Woman?
She has a great blog, covering homeschooling, photography, and cooking among other things!
She is a funny writer.
she will have her own Food Network show starting this fall,
and they are making a movie about her and her family based on another book she wrote
On top of that she has 4 kids!
She is a busy woman!
So this week before grocery shopping a picked out 4 recipes to try from her blog.
The first up was this one just posted on Monday.
A definite keeper!

I am not going to post any pictures because she has done all the work (see recipe link above)!

I am going to provide you with a critique:

1. Allow enough time for browning the chicken this takes a little longer than you would think. Allow 10-15 minutes per batch. After that the dish comes together pretty quick.

2. BE CAREFUL WITH THE WHISKEY! I have had some bad luck with adding alcohol to dishes and it not cooking off. I reduced the whiskey from 1-1/2 cups, to 1/2 cup and than added a cup of chicken broth. (I could still taste it a little if you don't want to taste it at all just substitute chicken broth where you see would be cheaper too.)

We will definitely be making this again.
The kids said keeper, everyone left the table stuffed!
A sure sign of a good meal right!?
Let me know if you try it!