Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Pioneer Woman Hit!

Day two of trying a new Pioneer Woman Recipe...another keeper.

Here is the photo from her website.
Here is the link to the recipe.

Beef with Snow Peas.

All 3 kids liked it!!

It was very easy! Much faster to make than the barbeque yesterday! Much of this prep could be done ahead and then stir fry right before time to eat.

I ended up letting the meat soak in the marinade/sauce for about 45 minutes to time eating with when the kids would be home from their evening activities.


Right at the end I tossed in some leftover steamed sliced carrots, just to heat thru. It provided an additional veggie....and the color contrast was very appealing.

Flank Steak is not as cheap as it used to be, but still cheaper than dinner out for 4 at a Chinese restaurant...even a cheap Chinese restaurant like Panda Express; and I am sure this is healthier.

Tonight...Leftovers!! :)

Happy Cooking.


  1. I'm ready to be your taste critic.

  2. Thanks for previewing these recipes for us! I can't wait to try them now. So excited to hear she is going to have a tv show, too.


  3. I've absolutely never heard of Next Food Truck Race. I do love me some Tyler Florence though. He gets an mmmm.mmmmm.mmmmm too.

    You got me hooked on Prison Break, by the way. Project Runway is something we've watched for quite a while now. It always makes me want to sew something.

    <3 Heather