Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pool Update - we have had a "little" rain this week!

Well we have had just a little rain this week. Actually we have lived in San Diego for 15 years and I think this has got to be the most rain I have seen in one week in San Diego. The news said we did have this much rain in January 2000...and I do remember that because that is when we moved in and our yard was equally muddy.

We did have a few rain showers this morning but the sun is out now. Don hooked up the pump to pump the water out of the open trenches, next we will pump out the pool.

Unfortunately we had some fairly strong winds which did not bode well for our fence.

There is a chance they can start putting the coping on next week, depends on how fast things dry out. It doesn't help that there may be more rain Tuesday.

We have chosen a contractor for the covered patio. The plans have now been submitted to the city. We had to make a few budgetary cuts...but the concrete and main structure of the patio will take approximately 8 weeks to build. I will post the plans of the yard soon.


  1. So "finished by Februrary", is that still accurate? Regardless, Tess is still jealous about you getting your pool. We will fly the girls out just to take a summer dip in it.

    Looking great, even with the crooked fence.

  2. I think once they are able to start work on it again it should go fairly quickly. It's ok if it takes a little longer February isn't really swimming weather.

    Don took 5 section fence down yesterday....I t hink I know what he will be doing today.