Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I haven't posted anything for awhile. We were so busy before the company came with the ski trip, and then getting the yard and house ready. Then we had my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their two boys for a week which was alot of fun and included trips to the park, the tidepools, easter brunch, fun.

My big kids returned to school after two weeks off for spring break and back to the busy daily schedule...afterschool activities including academic league, swim team, track, volleyball try-outs, dentist appointments, doctors busy moms know the drill. Anyway with the busy schedule I am always looking for something for my little one to do while I am trying to get dinner on the table (besides watch tv) and I like to have her nearby. She likes the leapfrog magnetic alphabet toy found here. It is great for learning the letters and sounds. We have done colors, markers, water color paints, play dough (a little messy at dinner time), but then my husband helped me build this.
I had a chalkboard in the kitchen area but it was too high for Ellie to work on and it was not adhered well to the wall so it didn't work out too well. I got the idea from Joys Hope to build a bigger one, she has directions posted here. I was a little lazy and only did 3 coats of paint which seems to have worked just fine.
The chair really isn't needed but it does give her more area to chalk and she likes it!!

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  1. Oh Kristy. How much do I love this. You know I'm a big fan of chalkboards. Love that you incorporated it for little Ellie. Is that just molding Don put on the wall and then you painted the chalk board paint? Love it. Looks like it is working better than my chalkboard painted coffee table (for the kids playroom) because all my paint chipped off. Probably construction error on my part (no primer).