Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Gray and a Recipe!

OK I don't know if you know this about "Sunny San Diego" but May is affectionatley known as "May Gray"; June is "June Gloom". This does not always hold true but so far this month we have had alot of gray!! Yuck! (This was taken moments ago...another gray day ahead.) This makes it a little hard to get motivated to get moving (or maybe it is because I was at the gym at 5:30am!)

So I thought I would show you a little update of the patio. We planted some more plants at the end. Two crepe myrtles which when they bloom should look great, some hedge plants, some beach pebbles and stepping stones, Ellie's sandbox (had to find a place for it), an outdoor rug, and my "stick art". We trimmed a tree and I had these big long branches so I anchored them into a large pot with gravel and rocks. I am considering removing the rocks and replacing it with soil, and then planting a plant that can climb up the branches or wrapping little white lights through the branches. It is one of those free projects, haven't decided if I totally like it.

Switching Gears:
I also wanted to share with you a flavored mayonaise. This is great anytime of the year, but basil is in season and many of you may have it in your yard.

Grab about a dozen basil leaves, 3 large cloves garlic and approximately 1 cup of mayo. Blend in your blender/food processor, or you could chop everything by hand....you can add more or less basil, or garlic depending on your taste. We use this on hamburgers and sandwiches. The nice thing is there is a lot of flavor so you don't have to use as much on your sandwich. Let me know if you like it!

(I know this picture doesn't look too good but it is hard to make mayo look good, but trust me this is tasty!)


  1. Wonderful post! Love your mayo. Have adopted it into my own staple to have around. Thank you Mendlers!

    Love the patio picture. Would love to see more if you get around to it. We, too, are having a lot of gray...across the coasts. Wasn't at the gym at 5:30 but a brisk walk at 8:30...still nursing a pesky hamstring pull. Grrr...hate aging.

  2. mmm...looks good! Will try on Turkey Burgers! I would love to do the plant too, but sadly no where to hang it.

  3. The basil mayo recipe sounds familiar. I think Wendy is talking that up very often. I will have to give it a try! Yum!