Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hanging Flower Baskets

Every year a make my hanging baskets for the front porch. Usually I try to get them assembled in March but I was a little behind this year. I made two for my front porch on Monday, this is what it looks like as of this morning. I know it does not look like much yet, but give it a month or so and it will become a big flower ball. If you are interested in making one of these see the process below... This is what you will need.
A wire hanging basket
A bag of green moss (not spaghnum moss)
Some potting soil of your choice.
4-5 six packs of flowers
(Your choice choose what is best for your location, my location gets morning sun so I stick to impatients and lobelia, but I have used begonias, pansies, dusty miller you can use your imagination.)
1 topper plant
I usually pick one plant to go in the center on top this year I am using vinca minor, it has a purple flower and will trail down. I also like to use fuschia (but I could only find upright version this year, I like the trailing version so it will hang down.)
You can always use more plants so it looks more finished from the get go, I go with a little less and let it fill in, it is a little cheaper that way too.
I made two baskets so I have a few more packs then I mentioned above.

My helper...put the bag of moss in a bucket and soak with water.

Line the bottom of your basket with the first layer of moss.

Put a few plants in evenly spaced. I usually put the rootball in the center and gentley push the plant to the outside of the basket thru the rungs.
Put another layer of moss along the edge. Layer in some soil and add more plants.
My helper didn't really want to get dirty.
Keep lining the sides of the basket, working your way up, with more plants on dirt.

Place additional plants on top. I also put a layer of the moss all over the top dirt you see pictured here to help trap in moisture. (I did not get a picture of that but you know what I mean.)
Then hang it up. Once it is hung water thoroughly. (Hanging first is helpful, because if you water first it gets pretty heavy.)
I like these hanging baskets because the flowers will protrude from all areas of the basket. These plants do need to be watered daily as it is exposed to air more than a pot, and also feed regularly. Mine usually last about 6 months!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I haven't posted anything for awhile. We were so busy before the company came with the ski trip, and then getting the yard and house ready. Then we had my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their two boys for a week which was alot of fun and included trips to the park, the tidepools, easter brunch, fun.

My big kids returned to school after two weeks off for spring break and back to the busy daily schedule...afterschool activities including academic league, swim team, track, volleyball try-outs, dentist appointments, doctors busy moms know the drill. Anyway with the busy schedule I am always looking for something for my little one to do while I am trying to get dinner on the table (besides watch tv) and I like to have her nearby. She likes the leapfrog magnetic alphabet toy found here. It is great for learning the letters and sounds. We have done colors, markers, water color paints, play dough (a little messy at dinner time), but then my husband helped me build this.
I had a chalkboard in the kitchen area but it was too high for Ellie to work on and it was not adhered well to the wall so it didn't work out too well. I got the idea from Joys Hope to build a bigger one, she has directions posted here. I was a little lazy and only did 3 coats of paint which seems to have worked just fine.
The chair really isn't needed but it does give her more area to chalk and she likes it!!