Tuesday, May 17, 2011

latest project

My friend Shannon over at Anythingology painted her floor.
It looks awesome.

My carpet is 11 years old.

Plus we have this lovely dog!
He sheds....alot!
And loves to lay on the carpet.

I have been thinking about ripping up my carpet and following in Shannon's footsteps.
My husband was afraid it would be a little echoey because we have
large vaulted ceilings.

But, I decided to go for it! Friday my mom and I ripped up the carpet,
the tack strip, and hauled the carpet and padding out to the garage.
(and yes it is a little echoey)

Yesterday afternoon Shannon and I sanded the concrete.

Here is the view just before we got started.

This is what the kids were doing out back while we sanded!

Us after sanding.
This picture doesn't really show how dusty we were.
The room got so dusty we could barely see.
The shop vac we later discovered had a rip in the bag so the dust
was not being contained well at all.
Here are some pictures after the dust settled.

All entries from that room to the rest of the house were covered in
plastic to try and contain the dust.
It worked for the most part.
If you look on the left of the picture below you can see my dark wood floors
which are gray with dust.

Ben helped me do some cleaning but I have alot more to do today. While
Ellie is at preschool!!

Excited about phase two painting!!

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  1. oh what I would have given to be dusty in the mix of it all with my two good buds! Looks wonderfully transforming. I know it will look stunning when all complete. What color will you paint it?