Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pool, Birthday, Decathalon Competition

It was a busy week here at the Mendler's. Last Sunday we went to Sacramento to watch Ben and his high school team compete in the Academic Decathalon SuperQuiz Relay. The questions for the SuperQuiz were all centered around the French Revolution, very hard questions they only had 7 seconds to answer!! This is what it looked like...with more teams to the left and right. There were approximately 61 teams with 9 kids on each team. If you look carefully you can see Ben, he is in the second row up from the bottom, the middle guy in the turqouise shirt. The following day was the awards. Unfortunatley my camera ran out of battery....but Ben took 1st in his division in math, which placed him 3rd amoung 549 kids not bad for a 10th grader! (The number one and two guys were seniors.) This was a ton of work...but he is already excited for next year!!

Happy Birthday Madeline!
As of Friday Madeline is officially a teenager!!
To celebrate she had a couple of friends over for dinner and then we went to Extraordinary Desserts! If you are ever in San Diego and want to see and eat some fantastic desserts this is the place to go!

Happy Birthday Maddie!

On Friday, they also plastered the pool, and we began to fill it Friday night around 6pm it was not done filling unitl 1am Sunday morning!! Look out for that water bill! I will picture full pictures of the pool and grass in a later post.

Before water.

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  1. What a wonderful surprise to read about your jam packed, celebratory weekend. We all were sad when the pictures stopped. We wanted to read more and more. Super High Five for Ben and his team mates. What an honor. Can't wait to hear about next year.

    As for Maddie, it was great to "see" her, Vicky and Casey. We wish we could have helped her celebrate. Look for a small something from the Brookesies in the mail (very small).

    We know you are on your way to Mammoth. We, too, wish we were on that caravan, eating Shannon's trail mix and stopping at a burger joint for lunch. Take lots of pictures.

    We miss you all.
    Thanks for the great post.