Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Fun!

This is a little bit of a long one!
Summer had begun! OK the weather has been hit or miss; I think our "June Gloom" is almost over. I thought I would share some photos (Wendy) of what we have been up to! Ellie and Madeline enjoying a Banana Shake homemade by Madeline!
Ellie's latest thing... tape! This is a picture of her "art gallery". She loves to color a picture, ask for a piece of tape and post it to the keeps her busy and she is so proud to ask people if they would like to see her art gallery.

We have been enjoying our new pool....Ellie is not always amicable to a picture these days but this is a nice "cheesy" smile.

Here are my folks enjoying some "snacky snacks" in our little outdoor living room. We are loving the new ikea couch (thanks mom and dad!)

In one weekend we had a 16 year old birthday party, and 8 year old birthday party and than I was suprised with a 40th birthday party (this was in the span of 2 days.) This is a photo of Ben (16) with one of my cousins twins (Daniel) and Ellie (at the 8 year old party)

Here is Madeline holding Annabelle (the other twin). Doesn't she look little? And she is 3 months old! (preemies)

This is my 83 year old grandma and 7 of her 8 great-grandchildren!!

Here is Talia (my niece and the 8th great grandchild not pictured earlier), with cousin Madeline!

Our friends loned us their ping-pong table. We thought it would be good for the 16 year old birthday party....something else to keep them busy. Our friends said we could keep it for the summer; they will enjoy it too as they will be coming to swim frequently. The kids are really enjoying it...Ben said he may put it on his Christmas list!

Friends at the pool!!

Ben's Coconut Birthday Cake!! Yum!! We made Coconut Ice Cream too!
This got us in the mood for our family vacation we are going here.....

Yup, that's right Hawaii....see you when we get back!

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  1. Oh, I love seeing all those smiling faces. Boy it fills us up. I can totally remember when my girls went through the "tape" phase. Love it.
    I can't wait to experience the out door living room for ourselves. The girls told me that when we visit in December they want to take a dip in the pool themselves, even in December! We love being updated and love the photos. Although we miss you dearly, we feel we have shared your memories and will be a part of them soon.
    Love you guys!