Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We are back from Hawaii!!
Great family trip....there was the beach, the pool, relaxing, snorkeling,
fireworks....what more can you ask for?
Already planning our next trip!
We have been back a week already yikes! It took a day or two to get things organized again. (Never quite as organized as I would like but you know how that goes.)

We found a fun craft over at the Pink and Green Mama, Cornstarch Sidewalk Chalk Paint. This is easy cheap fun. All you need is cornstarch, food coloring, a muffin tin, paint brush and water. It entertained the 2 year old and the 13 year old! Got to love that!

Next project...filling this void. This was a grassed area but when they put the pool in this is where the bobcat trekked back and forth, back and forth, so the grass died. I have been wanting some raised garden boxes and was inspired by my friend Shannon to get moving on it. (See her post on raised gardens here.)

So this weekend by handy-husband built me two garden boxes. We used Douglas Fir, (non-pressure treated wood...we did spray a water sealant on the wood to protect it a bit.) Yesterday I unloaded two cubic yards (or two truckloads of soil) to fill the boxes. (I did get a little help unloading the second truck!)

Next step some soil additives, chicken manure or something of the like....and then garden plants. You may think it is a little late to start a garden in San Diego, and it probably is. I am hoping since it really isn't warm yet it will work out just fine.

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  1. I love the planter boxes! You and Don are so talented at the "do it yourself" projects!