Monday, July 19, 2010

Before and After....The House Has Been Painted!

We got our house looks so much better!!! We have been in our house nearly 11 years. We bought the house new. People on the street started having their houses re-painted which made us realize how badly ours was in need of painting as well.

The colors in these pictures is not great, but those shutters flanking the window above the messy garage used to be a hunter green...

The back of the house had a bunch of cracks that were made worse when they installed the support beam for the covered patio. (I should have got close was pretty bad.)

AFTER: The new color scheme is a khaki called Stay Awhile (made by Frazee), the white trim is called white shadow also by Frazee.


  1. That looks amazing!

    Thanks for having us over to visit friend! We had such a blast, and loved seeing you all. The "show" was great, too. We have been talking about that little Q-T ever since we left. Miss you.