Friday, July 30, 2010

Overripe Fruit Tip!

Overripe Fruit!
In my house once the bananas look like this nobody will eat them.
So what do we do with them?
Banana Bread!
But, sometimes or often times when you realize the bananas are past their prime
you don't have time to make the banana bread.
My tip?....Peel 'em, Bag'em, Freeze'em! I also freeze strawberries.
Sometimes when they begin to have some brown spots,
nobody wants to eat them fresh anymore...
into a smoothie
wash, cut the tops off and freeze individually on a cookie sheet.
Once frozen they pop off easily and I put them in a ziploc.
This way you can use what you want, and not have one frozen blob.)

One more idea for the bananas!
I defrost the bananas on the counter.....
they turn brown, and juicy and are quite unsightly at this point
(not pictured)
pop them right into your banana bread mixture
nobody will know the difference and the bread/muffins will taste great.

The same can be done for any berry.
Blueberries, boysenberries buy them when their cheap.
Eat what you can.
Freeze the rest!
Remember the most expensive food is the food that goes into the trash!!
Have a great weekend!


  1. K, We love a good smoothie around here. GREAT tips. We have thrown out plenty of strawb's as well as brown nanners. Not anymore!
    Tip of the day!

  2. Great ideas. The smoothies are so much better with a frozen banana, too. ;-)

  3. Hi Kristy, I just learned how to "Post A Comment," so here is my comment. Smoothies are a great snack for the kids especially with a boost from a shot of Mona Vie in them!