Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Show --- "Mad Hungry"!

Have you heard of the new show Mad Hungry?
It is part of the Martha Stewart entourage
but don't let that turn you off!
(I know some of you are not Martha fans, I for one do like her for the most part. I like to dvr her show that way I can skip the segments that do not interest me but I digress.)
Lucinda Quinn is the author of the book Mad Hungry.
It came out last year or maybe early this year.
She has been on the Martha show many times, and is one of the hosts of Everyday Food.
Now she has her own show which began on Monday.
It airs on the Hallmark Channel that is 343 for Cox Cable Viewers in San Diego.
Her emphasis is family dinners, and she even has her "boys" in the kitchen with her.
Yesterday she made a great Flat Roast Chicken you can find the recipe HERE.
It looked easy, and because it was flat it is a little faster than roasting a chicken.

Today she made these great bagel sandwiches you can find the directions HERE.
She had a good tip for bacon.
She cooks a big batch in the oven. Then freezes it, and wraps it individually, that way you
can pull a piece of bacon out to put in your sandwich without having to actually cook the
bacon is already PREpared beforehand.

Doesn't that look yum!
Let me know if you check out her show!!
I think it has potential for some good recipes and tips.