Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Homemade Strawberry Milk

Do you like Strawberry Milk?
I have to admit I always wanted my mom to buy the Nesquik Strawberry Milk.
She never did :(
It is full of sugar and processed... but I admit I do buy it.
I add a little amount...much littler than recommended to

give my 3 year old's milk a slight taste of strawberry.
My motto it is more important to get the calcium in than avoid a little sugar.

However, frequently we have been making a homemade version.

With fresh strawberries.

Sometimes we throw in a small container of yogurt.

Equal parts, milk and ice.

Take a little sample.

What does it need a few more strawberries?

A little more ice?

Adjust it to your taste.

And Enjoy!!


This is approximate:

Fill blender to about 3/4 full with strawberries. (This is also a perfect place to use up those strawberries that may be a little past their prime; they blend up well.)

A container of yogurt if you have it on hand. If not we have made it without the yogurt.

About 3/4 cup of both milk and ice.


Other Combinations:

Banana, Peach, Mixed Berries

Leftovers? Freeze into popsicles. Or freeze in a baggie and just pop the frozen leftovers into the next batch!!

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