Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick look!

Here is a quick look at the floor!
I like it!
My wood floor already is less dusty (notice I didn't say less hairy there still is the dog factor!)
In this photo the brown paper is still covering the baseboards, the contrast
makes the floor look better when it is removed.

Still not quite finished waiting to hear from wood store on transition piece.
I will show you completed pictures when it is all done.

We have been enjoying a little summer relaxing by the pool!
Look who else likes the pool...


  1. yeah! can't wait to see the finished product all decked out with your favorite seating arrangement. makes me want to 'concrete-it' if we ever get back to sd.

    perhaps i can enlist the experts for help???

  2. It looks great Kristy! It was fun to work on this with you, but I'm glad it's done. I like hanging out at the pool with a cocktail a little better than choking on concrete dust.