Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer is Here!!

OK Summer was supposed to start in June...I know.
But, really in San Diego it just started this week!
So we have been enjoying the pool!

"E" is getting braver!

And, "M" got her braces off!!
Look at those pearly whites!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Oh my! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog "look". Your pool looks so refreshing I could just dive in all the way from here. And do I want to squeeze little E with her little pool shoes on? Stop it. Love the water wings. Where is B in all this summer fun? Studying? Of course.
    M looks stunning as I knew she would without her braces (although she's looks pretty good with them too). We miss all you guys. What too me so long to check out the new pics? Makes me want to hit the pool.

  2. Love that new smile! The new blog header looks great, too.

    Love ya,