Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July!

Our 4th of July was just the girls this year!!
Ben went with friends.
Don worked.
Family friends on vacation.
So here is what the girls and I did......
One decorated bike!
Ellie was sooo excited for this!
We parked and rode to the Coronado Parade!
Then on to the beach!
For a little fun in the sun.
Burying Madeline.
A dip in the water.
Ellie following Madeline down to the shore as she was calling it!
We went home.
Cleaned up.
Barbecued Hamburgers and then off to Seaport Village for Fireworks.

We got there a little early to secure a spot.
Brought bubbles to pass the time which was fun until the
grumpy old man 15 feet away said he didn't like it.
Ellie loved the fireworks this year.
She was not afraid of the noise.
It did take us an extra hour to get home due to traffic.
But, it was worth it!
Hope you had a fun 4th!


  1. oh girls. we would have been right there with you. although michael got called into work, we managed to have our first bbq, lit sparklers and hear the fireworks. we did not venture out to see the fireworks. good thing. i think homer would have had a fit. miss you guys.

  2. Wish we were there! It sounds like the perfect day.

  3. Wow, a person has to be pretty sorry to be bothered by that cutie pie blowing bubbles.

    What a fun day, and three gorgeous ladies!