Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Crafts

I really enjoy working on craft projects.
I do seem to be better at helping the kids get their projects going!
Madeline is good at once we get the goods for a project she is typically focused at getting it done, unlike her mother.

And if we have a project for Madeline I try to find something for Ellie to do too.

So we have two projects here. One for Ellie.

One small canvas.
A bag of colorful colored buttons. (we chose one's in the shape of flowers)
Glue (We used tacky glue)

I drew a block letter of her first initial.

Spread the glue around a section at a time.
Then glue on the buttons.
I helped her a little with spatial relationship, filling in some spots with the smaller buttons.

Madeline wanted to make two more boards to go with her original "Sandy Toes" Canvases blogged here.

We found clip art on the internet for a volleyball and a palm tree.
We then took the copies to get them enlarged to the desired size.

She placed it on her light table to trace out the individual shapes.
(You could also trace your projects by placing your paper on a window.)

If you pick something without too much detail it is a little easier.
She used the outline of the whole ball with pink, and placed patterned/colored
pieces for the detail.

Mod podge was the glue of choice.
Then she glued the whole ball to a white canvas.
And finished with a top coat of modge podge over the whole board.
The palm tree was clip art.
She did the island and water free hand.

Here is the finished product.
Inexpensive, cute, and something she did herself with just a few suggestions from mom :)

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  1. oh man. come over...i want to do a canvas board...