Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Canvas Sign

Do you remember the post last year about making a one word canvas?

Well Madeline put one together for her room.

She printed the letters in the size and font she wanted on the computer.
Than she traced them using a light box onto scrapbook paper she had printed out.

(I had her trace the letters in reverse on the back of the paper so you wouldn't
see the drawn lines. If you don't have a light box a window would work well too.)

This was a little tedious but she did a great job!

Then she mod podged them onto a canvas she had already painted.

The trickiest part getting the letters centered and straight.

Here they are in her room.
Still thinking about what adornments we can add to the signs.
Also, will be filling empty quadrants with some other crafts she is working on.
She is a crafty girl!


  1. Yeah M! Looks awesome. Simple canvas from Michael's? Love.

    So how did she come up with "fancy toes".

    Just curious.

  2. She did a great job...by the way I love my toes sandy tooooo....hmmm Maui sounds nice!