Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Gift!!

Yes, it has been months since I have posted something.

I have a many excuses....holidays, computer issues ....

The real reason is I like LOOKING at blogs.
I think of lots of things to post.
But, tend to go back to browsing at
all the fun things other people are

Now I just need to join the fun more regularly and POST.

So here it goes the first post of 2011!

I will give a disclaimer here.
For those of you starting your New Years Resolution with
eat healthy
lose weight
You may want to quick go to another page!
Save this for Valentine's Day when you
are ready to treat yourself for
all your hard work with your healthy resolution.

I got a new cookbook!
Did I need a new cookbook?
Probably not! But... I think maybe I am becoming a cookbook collector.
Not because I planned to be a cookbook collector but because I seem to have
accumulated many cookbooks and there are many more on my wish list.

So the newest one is How Easy is That by Ina Garten the wonderful Barefoot Contessa!
(I have 4 of her 6 books...maybe I need to complete the set! )

So for New Years Eve I tried two recipes from the book the French Mussel Bisque (which quite frankly did not turn out well....there was too much wine. I will try it again substituting chicken broth for wine.)

What was sensational!!?

The Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake
you can get the recipe along with many other recipes direct from her website here.

I substituted regular coffee grounds for the espresso powder in making this mocha filling.
I used a tub of little store bought chocolate cookies purchased from Trader Joe's.
Any thin crisp chocolate cookie will do.
This is sooo easy!!
Whip up the mocha cream. Layer of cookies in springform pan,
Layer of Mocha Cream. Repeat....5 times!
I had cookie helpers!
Pop it in the refrigerator for 6 hours!
Delicious! Reminded me a bit of tiramisu!
This is the photo from Ina Garten's site.....I would have taken my own but we were too anxious to cut into it!!



  1. Yeah! Welcome back! Love the new "look" to go with your new post. Looks yummy. Why don't you bring it over and we'll make sure it's not poisonous.

    Keep it up. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Hi Kristy, I was lucky enough to have tasted your delicious creation. It's amazing! I don't eat desserts, but I couldn't help myself when you made this one. Keep on collecting those cook books, we will be happy to be your taste testers. I love the new blog look. Glad you're back!

  3. I could read blogs and do posts full time. It can be a time-vacuum.

    Surprise, surprise ... Barefoot Contessa! I know you love her. My neighbor just gave me one of her cookbooks, and the recipes all look so yummy.

    The one you tried looks good, too. And I just love your adorable assistant. ;-)