Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Organizing - Purging Free!

I have been organizing and purging!
We have been in our house 11 years this weekend!
Wow! Where does the time go?
The thing is when you don't don't really have to go through everything.
It just piles up.
So I am slowly going through every closet, cupboard and drawer.
Here was my goodwill pile.
AmVets came this week three more bags!!
I organized this tiny cupboard which holds Ellie's art stuff!
It was packed.
All this stuff above was stuffed in that cupboard.
Ahh clean slate.
Better huh!

My friend Wendy talked about organizing her junk drawers here.

Now she is an organizer...her junk drawers not so junky. I actually had to look
carefully to see what was cleaned up. I wish my junk drawers at their worst were that organized :)

Mine on the other hand quite junky.

And I do clean them every few months.

This clean up job mainly required dumping tidbits and old pens and pencils that nobody was going to use anymore.

Pathetically enough I have two junk drawers in my kitchen.
Things pile up on the counter.
If someone is coming over I will quickly brush all small miscellaneous stuff into one of these junk drawers ... bad habit.

And what's up with all the decks of cards you may ask?
I don't know. Ben collects cards somehow many of the decks are in this drawer.
We have been playing Spades alot recently boys against the girls!!
The girls are doing quite well I might add!

On to the pantry.
Here is my shelf of cookbooks and magazines.
Believe it or not more cooks illustrated mags on the floor in the pantry.

I took many of my "nicer" cookbooks and decided to put them out
on my open shelving in my kitchen.
Which then allowed me to put those mags from the floor onto the shelf.
Looking a little better.
Here is my open kitchen shelf.
Unfortunately I don't know where my before picture went.
But, trust me I think this looks a little better.

The best part about this project it cost nothing but time!!
I did not buy any additional organizing containers or supplies
just purged and cleaned up what I already had on hand!!

Happy Organizing!

P.S. Random underlining again...just happened on it's own,
not sure why that keeps happening.


  1. Oh girl. First off, thanks for the shout out. You are too kind. Yes, I lean toward the OCD side of being organized. I do love a good sorted space.
    Second, well done! Love the new organization throughout the house. I just wish I could have been in on it. I do love getting knee deep in stuff like that. Throw in some matching baskets and bins and forget it! Love.

    Keep up the great posts. You are rockin' it sister. Hug to E and M (and B if he'll let you).

  2. I didn't know you had disorganized spaces in your house! ;-)

    Isn't it nice that we now have photos of Wendy's cupboards for us to examine when we want to get it together?

    You've inspired me ... I think I'll do a little organizing this afternoon since we have a snow day.