Friday, January 21, 2011

Sewing Day!

So the first sewing day was last Friday.
We decided the first project would be a pillow for Madeline's room.
We are using this pattern from Amy Butler.
It is free on her website. The pattern is here.
She has other free sewing patterns and CRAFT patterns if you go to her website here
and click on tab at the top on the far right.

Love her fabric designs and sewing projects.

But, back to our sewing day.

I am not sure Madeline loved it : (
But, she stuck with it.
One mistake I made trying to get by with fabric we had on hand.
This sometimes makes a project take a little longer because you often have to be a little more creative with your resources.
Plus, I need to find a way to keep this little one busier.
(This is her favorite new dress up outfit.)

The sewing day ended when we ran out of trim.
But, Madeline is doing great work.

So what I learned?
I need to be more prepared.
Make sure all supplies are on hand.
Have a good project for Ellie to work on.

Madeline said she liked the sewing is the pinning and cutting she wasn't so fond of, I think a good tv show or movie on would make this part less tedious. I know that's what I like to do when I am sewing.

I think if I could sit down with her and work on something simultaneously might also help.
I was very distracted and multi-tasking last Friday.

I am not sure we will get back to it today.
We have a Girl Scout meeting.

We did buy fabric for the next project...

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  1. Yeah....looks good so far. I am like you, use what I have...but I do measure before I sew to make sure trim will fit all around pillow.

    I am also not so much a pinner...I wing a lot.

    Keep it up. Love it.