Monday, January 31, 2011


As you know I have two girls.

10 years apart.
So saving "hand-me-downs" for 10 years seems a little bit well, long.
I have done it. But, did you realize that even toddler
clothing gets dated after 10 years, colors, and styles.

So I have decided to do some upcycling.
The blouse below was from Mini-Boden, youth large.

I cut off the top.
Removed the straps, took in the bodice,
gathered and reattached the skirt.

The result a new sundress for Ellie!

The second project.
Another blouse this one from Target.
This top was a little too short to reconstruct into a dress.
So a skirt it is!!

We will see what is next!


  1. Yeah! You inspired us over here in "snow day lock down" house. Got my sewing machine out. Striped pillows on their way.

    So love the creativity behind your new upcycled dress for little E.

  2. Those turned out great. You are so talented!